Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Looking for the Blogworthy in my Life ~It's the Simple Things that Mean so Much ~Vintage Notebook, Cats, Good Food and Treating Myself

This Vintage McCall's Pattern,
is a gift from a special friend...from a friend that 
knows me oh, so well!

But, it is not what you might think it is...

It is a notebook!
A notebook for making lists, and
keeping track of important information.

Check out how cute this is...
there are buttons at the top of every page!

And the back of the notebook is the back of the
pattern envelope.
I started sewing all of my own clothing as soon as 
my mother let me use her sewing machine.
I was ten.
I would study that pattern back 
like it was the Sewing Bible.

Remember the days when a pattern cost $1.00?
Yeah, me too...and fabric cost 99 cents a yard.
I made everything for myself and my family!

Roomba continues to clean up after us.
Jasmine looks like she wants to challenge him.

And Lucy just wants to stay out of his way.
She finds comfort in a cardboard box,
up high, out of Roomba's way.

Is it done?

Despite the sub-zero temperatures,
we ventured out yesterday to purchase a new washer and dryer.
(Stay tuned to see those photos)
Then we stopped at our favorite establishment 
for a beverage and a snack.

Thank you for noticing my nails.
It is my one splurge every month.

This is one of my new favorite colors.
It is Plum Something?

It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow,
above zero!
"Maybe our human go out for her
Wednesday coffee date,
 and forget about running the Roomba."

Take care,


Ann said...

I still make quite a few of my clothes, the pant outifit looks like one I made in 1970. I LOVE the notebook--such cute pages with the buttons.

Pam Greer said...

I love that notebook!