Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Little Pampering for Jack’s Momma and Nana

Jack’s Daddy had gone to work early this day, 
so was able to come home to hang out by mid-afternoon.

Jack’s momma made an appointment for us to get pedicures.

Amy and her friends discovered this place near base.

The massage was perhaps our favorite part!

The artwork on our toenails was a close second!

As you may have guessed, we were back on the seawall.

This Dakota girl never gets tired of looking at the ocean.

Don't you just love the detailed artwork,
even on the smallest nails.
Thank you for the relaxing afternoon.

Be sure to pamper your mom 
and grandma this weekend!

Take care,

p.s. Local friends, you know that I am now home.
There isn't much that is blog-worthy going on around here,
so I will continue to tell you about my
once-in-a-lifetime trip to meet our grandson.

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