Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Baby Jack On The Move Again ~Meeting Aunt Emily and Uncle Jake ~Along with the Norgaard Extended Family

We were fortunate to spend four weeks with Baby Jack 
and his Mama this summer, with one week in Las Vegas, 
and two weeks at Papa and Nana’s house.
Then, the fourth week was the icing on the cake...

...We spent a week in Minneapolis. 
Jack’s Daddy was traveling from work in Okinawa,
and we were traveling from SD to meet him there.

And then this...
Emily and Jake traveled from Boston 
to meet their new nephew.

Again, love at first sight.

Our family gathers only once a year, 
so we make the most of all of our time together...
even bath time!

Jack also met his great aunt Susan.

And his cousin, Georgia.

We hosted a family dinner at the house, 
and Susan brought this lovely lemon cake for dessert.

I agree with Georgia, the frosting was the best!

Baby bedtime comes early, but the rest of us stayed up 
and enjoyed our time together.

Sweet Treats.

Sweet Dreams!

We are Blessed.
Take care,

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