Monday, July 16, 2018

More Highlights from our Family Time in Minneapolis ~The Sculpture Garden and Walker Art Center ~The Utepils Brewing Co.

Our family stayed in an Airbnb that was within walking distance 
of several family friendly attractions. 
So many times we have driven past the Sculpture Garden 
and we’ve seen that very large spoon with a cherry.

This time, we saw it up close and personal.

This tree was filled with wind chimes.
I do love the sound of wind chimes, 
but pretty sure the neighbors would find 
this many chimes annoying!

Many children were enjoying this swing...
Our girls took their turn.

Baby Jack had his afternoon cat nap in his stroller,
while we walked around the Gardens.

It was a hot and windy day!
The air conditioning, glass of water, 
and cold beverage at the Walker Art Center 
was a welcome relief from the heat.

Jake and Emily have good 
college friends in Minneapolis.
We all met at the Airbnb and then 
walked to the Utepils Brewing Co.

This may have been Baby Jack’s 
first visit to a Brewery.

He does look a little bit concerned, 
doesn’t he?!

Our dinner came from a food truck, parked outside.
Quite delicious!

We enjoyed time with our family and friends.

Then, hubby and I had a peaceful walk 
‘home’ through the neighborhood.

Take care,

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