Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yesterday, Our Community Said Goodbye to Herbergers Department Store

I stopped at Herbergers last week, and walked into this...
I knew the store was closing, 
but was quite surprised at the emptiness.

The last time I had been there was 
with Amy and Baby Jack in June.

At one time, this was the menswear department.
It was filled with suits, sportcoats, shirts and ties.

My intention was to look for new pillows for our bed.
I guess I was too late.
 ...Way too late.

It was a sad site to see.
I can only imagine how the employees felt 
when they arrived at work every day.

Herbergers has been an anchor in our community’s 
mall since it opened nearly 30 years ago.

It was our go-to store for special occasion attire, 
coats, boots and shoes, purses, 
gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and babies.

It was always our first stop on Black Friday Morning.

Herbergers, we will miss you.

Take care,

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DUTA said...

It is indeed a sad sight in many places such as this. Online shopping is taking over.