Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Stuffing Santas ~Coffee & Shopping with my BFF ~Homemade Salsa ~ Are Our Cats Friends?

I have a couple of Santas on my Work Table...

Stitching & Stuffing...Getting ready for Winterfest.

Do you see Santa Bags, Santa Hats,
and Snowmen here?

I knew it was time to retire when I would quote “Mean Girls”, 
and the students looked at me 
as if they had no idea what I was talking about!

Today was our Weekly trip to Starbucks/Target.
This Giant Spider was new.
No, I did not purchase one!

Hubby’s mom gave us over 6 cups of 
Cherry Tomatoes from her garden...
That’s a lot of tomatoes just for snacking!

So, I purchased the ingredients necessary to make Fresh Salsa.

It ended up being a very large batch.
Hubby and I did a taste test when he got home from work.
It is still missing something...
tomorrow I will add another onion and more garlic.

It does taste fresh and healthy.

Hubby was busy in his wood shop...
I plan to paint these pumpkins tomorrow.

Don’t you wish you knew what 
your pets were thinking sometimes?

I’m not sure that Lucy could have sat any closer
 to Jasmine without actually touching her?

And then there’s this.
We brought our mums and 
what’s left of our herbs inside for the night.

Stay warm, my friends.

Take care,

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