Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Miscellaneous ~Family Farmhouse ~Missing Little Jack ~Mothers Day Report ~What’s for Dinner ~What’s terrifying ~Happy Ending to our Monday

We have had discussion about our family’s farmhouse 
on my Facebook page this week.
I appreciate all of your kind comments. 

Many of you remember our majestic farmhouse 
that was built by my great grandfather.

And then a few years ago, this happened.
The house was abandoned and for a few years, 
we did not have access to the farmyard.

And now, sadly, there have been locals that have 
trespassed onto our private property, 
vandalized our house, and stolen precious items.
What is wrong with some people?

On a much happier note,
I had a wonderful vacation with this little guy 
and his mom and dad.
Yes, I miss them tremendously!

Thank goodness for FaceTime.

Since I have been home we have enjoyed some
tasty home cooked meals.
This is my go-to meal, when we are short on time. 
Onion, garlic, mushrooms, red pepper, shrimp, herbs, and pasta.

While I was preparing the Shrimp Pasta dish, 
Hubby was grilling the asparagus.

We enjoyed some live music on Saturday night.

I still need to show you how our daughters 
spoiled me on Mother’s Day.
This from Amy, Nick, and Jack...
Perfect for pampering myself.
There was dark chocolate too, 
but I ate that already!

Emily ordered these pants for me.
I love the colors, they will be awesome for summer...
 they look great with denim, 
and I can wear them even into the fall with my black cardigan!

This was a terrifying 
moment today!

This is, by far, the favorite mouse toy at our house.
I hope you all had a Marvelous Monday!

Take care,

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