Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Spring Cleaning ~Room by Room: the Foyer ~Social Distancing ~COVID-19 ~Flatten the Curve ~Stop the Spread

I have been home for a week and a day.
Since I had traveled home from a high risk area,
in two planes, through three airports, 
I committed to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

If  I am carrying the Virus, I don’t want
to pass it on to anyone else.

As you know symptoms don’t always show up right away,
 and the recommended time to self-isolate is 14 days.
So far, I feel perfectly fine.

When I returned home I first cleaned
everything with Lysol Spray...
my luggage,
the doorknobs,
the light switches,
the remotes,
and all the handles in the house.

Since most of you are stuck at home, there is
no better time to start your Room by Room Spring Cleaning.
As you can see, I stripped the room
and cleaned everything from top to bottom.

  I have displayed some of my grandmother’s hats.
Remember, a lady did not leave her house
without covering her head.

This is my Grandma, Hilda,
with her mother’s headstone in 1964.
He mother, Caroline,
would have been 100 years old that year.

On the back if that vintage frame, my mother’s handwriting...
From over eight decades ago.

These are the names of the girls
that she lived with in that Girls Dormitory.

Other keepsakes in our foyer include this
Vintage Chair from the Normania Country Schoolhouse,
which was just a mile from our farmhouse.

I purchased that shopping bag at the World Market
when our daughters and I traveled to Hawaii, years ago.

This doll greets everyone who visits our home.

Notice those little scissors?
They belonged to my mother’s great aunt, Birdie.
She always carried them in her purse.

Your foyer is the introduction to your home.
While it may be the smallest room in your house,
it is also important to feature the style and colors
that visitors will see when they visit the rest of your home.

It feels so good to have the foyer clean from top to bottom,
that I have moved on to tackle the next room.

And most of all, stay in touch with your
family and friends
during this time of self-isolation.

Stay safe and well.
Take care,

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