Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tins and Treasures ~Some Big Finishes ~Teaming with Hubby for New Creations

This weekend Hubby and I put the finishing touches
on some new projects for our Tins and Treasures Shop.

We had a little supervision from our Helper Cat.
“What’cha Workin’ on here?”

We had several projects on the work table.

Hubby really enjoys working in his Wood Shop
when he comes home from the office.
Working at the Lathe is his preference,
so when I can pull him away from that,
he cuts out projects for me.

Then I paint them and edge them
before taking them back out to his shop.

Then he stains them and nails pieces together.

“These are coming together nicely.”

You can see I use my mother’s old baking sheets
to keep the projects together and to transfer them back and forth.
Back on my work table, I make final embellishments.

The shorter and wider shelf-sitting angel joins
the tall and slender hanging angel in my Etsy Shop.

These cool cats say you should stop by and check out our creations.

Click this link to visit my Tins and Treasures Shop

Local friends, if you see something you’d like,
please send a message to make arrangements
and avoid the shipping costs.

Take care,

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