Wednesday, November 18, 2020

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Where the Week Went ~Quarantine Time Spent Wisely

We have some generous friends with an Apple Tree.
I was the fortunate recipient of two big bags
delivered to our front door.

For years I have wanted to make Apple Butter.
I have fond memories of that Taste of Autumn on buttered toast.
I have yet to find my Grandma’s recipe, but this one was close.
It simmered all day in my Crockpot.

This retired empty nester has been staying close to home.
Plenty of time for House Chores prompts me
to run Roomba every day.
It appears Lizzie is annoyed when he invades
her space in front of the heat register.

Lizzie also had enough of Hubby’s time spent on his laptop,
and sent this strong message...
She says, “Enough Screen Time for You!”
Tis the season for another Taste of Autumn.
I’ve enjoyed roasting a variety of squash...
From left to right:
Buttercup, Butternut, and Acorn are top choices here...
Delicious with just butter, salt and pepper.

Quarantine Cooking demands Comfort Foods like
Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese.

And this Olive Garden Copy Cat Recipe for
Chicken Gnocchi Soup in the Crockpot.
This was tasty, too.

Pizza Friday this past week was Chicken Cordon Bleu,
another one of our favorites.

My Facebook Memories frequently remind me
of the good times we had Pre-Pandemic.

Typically we’d spend our Saturdays cheering
for Bison Football, either in the Fargodome with friends.
or Homegating in our family room.

It always warmed my heart when
these former students met me there for a hug.

Another Facebook memory that popped up this week...Winterfest.
Typically, we’d be preparing day and night.
This year, for the safety of our community,
it’s not happening.

That doesn’t stop Hubby and I from creating.

Apparently, most people have turned to shopping on-line.
Today, I sent a couple more Etsy packages on their way.

A reminder to our local friends: 
Message me if you see something in our shop
that you’re interested in.
We can make arrangements for pickup/delivery.

While I was all masked up, out and about,
I stopped at the supermarket for a couple of items.
I heard that people are starting to hoard supplies again...
but Pepperoni? Really??
You can purchase Pizza Crusts,
you can purchase Pizza Sauce,
But not Pepperoni.
I’ll need to re-think my Pizza Friday plan this week.

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying our time at home.
“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me Happy”

While we will be missing family gatherings this Thanksgiving,
we’ll cherish the time we spend with those that live in our own household.

Stay home, Stay safe, and Stay well.

Take care,

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