Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Memories ~ Climb Every Mountain

Emily loves to cook and Grammy loves to watch.
Plus...Emily is a good cook...a fabulous cook. How does this happen? Is it genetic?? We do have a history of some great cooks in our family. Aunt Enid was a pretty good cook. Aunt Bertha was a really good cook. Aunt Darlene is an excellent cook. My Aunty Vivian was an amazing cook.
I predict that Emily will be one of the best cooks on our family tree!

Last night she made Shrimp Newburg...another entree from my Rachel Ray magazine.

After dinner, the three of watched my absolute favorite movie of all times...The Sound of Music...
This is the first movie I ever saw in a theatre.

My mom remembers that we had taken my grandma to Moorhead, Mn., to stay with her sister, Birdie. The rest of us, my Aunt Enid, my mom, cousin Betty, and I stayed at the Comstock Hotel. (Betty can you help flesh out this story? Was there anyone else?? Your mom???)
That is Aunt Enid on the mom (in curlers)...and me. This picture is dated June, 1966, which makes me 10 years old...

Watching the Sound of Music during the Holiday Break

is just one of My Favorite Things.

(Line's Luggage Update: Lost in Minneapolis...)


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is so nice to have a few good cooks in the family!!! You may not like me after I tell you this little secret: I have never watched the sound of music. never.
sorry. :)
Enjoy your time off!!!

Amy said...

I love watching that movie over and over again!!!
The food looks yummy too!

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