Friday, September 4, 2015

TGIF ~Where the Week Went ~~Our New ATEC Academy

Since school is in full session, of course, 
we have had the hottest, most humid days of summer.

In fact, you can actually see the humidity in the air.
This is my morning commute.
You can see there is no traffic, 
however, I did pull over to take a photo of this impressive sunrise 
through the early morning fog.

Perhaps I mentioned that I have another new teaching assignment...
in a brand new building.

The official opening was Tuesday.

We have all been in class for a week...
But, we were honored to be invited to the opening ceremonies.
This is my class sitting on the lawn.

Several dignitaries spoke.
Here is my new boss.

And then our Honorable Govenor shared a message.
Yes, it was hot...about 90 degrees hot!

Our Superintendent had the privilege 
of actually cutting the ribbon.

The next day, it was back to business as usual.
My foods class is enjoying their homemade waffles.

Meanwhile, in the new ATEC building...
group discussions about personalities and relationships.

And, did we do anything fun?

Yes... hubby and I went out to our favorite establishment.
The wings are featured there on Thursday nights.
Garlic Parmesan and Memphis BBQ.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.
Take care,

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Kit said...

Hello! And welcome to a new year. I like the new building you have. It has finally cooled down over here, and tell your North Dakota Bison, that the smoke has left the air and we would love them to come to town anytime to play football with us. They were wonderful folk. And it was a wonderful game. Have a great holiday weekend! Kit

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