Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas 2020 ~Here’s my Report ~It was A Different Year, Indeed

Our Celebration was a little different this year.
We did not travel to spend time with family, so we certainly
cherished each and every photo we received via text.
Last week, Santa made a quick stop at
Jack’s Preschool Christmas Party.

The children each had the opportunity to tell
Santa what is on their Wish List.

I might be to blame for last week’s Winter Storm,
as I had made a couple of comments about
having a Brown Christmas this year.

I guess Mother Nature showed me who is in charge...

So I hunkered down with another cup of coffee...

...and finished wrapping the last of our gifts.
I also stayed busy planning our Holiday Menus,
looking up recipes,
and making the Grocery Shopping Lists.

On Christmas Eve we enjoy a simple supper with
Wild Rice Soup in the Crockpot along with our favorite appetizers.
The colors of my Olive Dip look like Christmas
and it is so very tasty!

On Christmas Morning we get ready and go downstairs
to the Family Room to see if Santa stopped by.
Would you believe he still made a visit to our house
and left something for these Empty Nesters?

We must have been a very good Papa and Gigi...

Hubby’s parents have traditionally hosted
the Christmas Day meal in their home.
This year, his sister suggested we make it a Pot Luck Dinner.
After all, she is 91 years old...she has done her share of cooking!

So Great Grandma was responsible
for our family favorite, Cheesy Carrot Dish.
Thank you, Sandy, for sharing that recipe decades ago!

Another tradition...
We bring her a Christmas Centerpiece that she can use on her table
and then enjoy it for the following week.

I had pinned a recipe for Roasting a Ham that I wanted to try...
a little Spicy, a little Sweet.

Have any of you tried making Baked Potatoes in your Crockpot?
Since I was starting my share of the meal here at home,
I tried it...and it works!
When we got to Great Grandma’s we put them
in her oven with the Carrot Dish to crisp up the skins.

Hubby’s Sister prepared Meatballs, a Green Salad,
and a Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

It was a delicious Christmas Dinner.
And we had enough food to have dinner and supper!

Of course we were missing our family on the East Coast.
We enjoyed a FaceTime call and some precious photos.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Holiday Weekend,
whether you spent your time together virtually or in person.

Stay Warm, Stay Safe, and Stay Well.

Take care,

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