Monday, June 28, 2021

We Celebrated My Birthday ~It was a Big Birthday ~Spending Time with Family ~Here’s my Report ~How Old is Old?

One of the best Birthday Celebrations, ever.

Being together with our whole family…precious time, well spent.

Our day was fill with plenty of good food,
fun activities, and just being together…
Starting with breakfast prepared by our Son in Law.
Avocado Toast with an Over Easy Egg.

A hearty breakfast is essential
before heading to swimming lessons.

After lessons our daughters and grandsons played in the water.
We all sat on the Pool Deck for a refreshing beverage…
…And a tasty lunch of a California Turkey Wrap,
Chips, and Watermelon.

Our afternoon was occupied with naps,
a few house chores, and playing outside, while Son-in-Law
and Hubby participated in a Golf Tournament.

Busy day, but we all gathered for
a lovely Italian dinner out.
Appetizer course:
We shared Salad and
Rosemary Glazed Chickpeas.

Main Course:
I ordered the Butternut Squash Ravioli…
Rich and Flavorful.

The portions were generous, and we all had enough
leftover to take home for another meal.

Third course:
Ice Cream Party!
Complete with Sugar Cones, Toppings, and Sprinkles.
There was something for everyone’s sweet tooth.
It was a perfect day.

And here’s some good news.
According to the World Health Organization,
Celebrating a Medicare Birthday does not classify someone as old.

It really is true… Age is Just a Number.

Thank you to everyone that took time to send Birthday Wishes
to me via text messages, emails, and Facebook comments.
I love staying in touch with all of you.

A Special Thank You to our Daughters, Sons in Law,
and Grandsons who treated me like a Queen for the Day!

Take care,


pam said...

What a lovely, perfect day!!! 65 is not old, I'm coming up right behind you!

Paula said...

What a fun birthday! Let’s get together when you return and celebrate again!