Thursday, July 29, 2021

On Our Way Home ~Last Leg of our Journey ~Taking Time to Enjoy our Neighboring States

We spent several hours exploring the charming town
of Galena and then got back in our vehicle, deciding to get
a ways down the road before stopping for a late lunch.

On our trip, while hubby was driving, I searched online
for a place to take a break and a have bite to eat. I found the
restaurant reviews to be pretty entertaining!

For the entire trip, a total of nine days on the road,
Siri did a pretty good job of helping me out.
Only once, we questioned her judgement.

But this day, Siri did not disappoint.
Right there, on the banks of the Mississippi River,
we stopped at Catfish Charlies.

When at Catfish Charlies,
one needs to order the Catfish Fingers.

Of course, Hubby uses technology,
Garmin or Google Maps or both, to help us find our way.
Call me Old-Fashioned, but I also like to
look at the vintage Atlas to check our whereabouts.

“Honey, Look! We are going to drive within a mile
of the site where they filmed the movie, Field of Dreams”
Since Hubby is a huge fan of baseball, he didn’t hesitate,
we took the detour from our route to take a look.
There were lots of families there…
lots of youth in their Little League Baseball Uniforms,
batting and playing catch out on the field.

There’s the familiar looking House,
and the barn that has been renovated, to include
an Information Center and Gift Shop.

We enjoyed the chance to get out of the
vehicle and stretch our legs!
We could see, in a distance, the large stadium that
is under construction on the grounds.

Did you know? There is a MLB Game planned
for that very site on August 12, 2021.
The Chicago White Sox vs The New York Yankees.

“If you build it, they will come”

Back in the vehicle, the rest of Iowa looked like this.

Our last night in a hotel. Who would have thought
I’d tire of having a service to clean our bathroom and make our bed.
But I felt ready to be home and return to our everyday routine. 

This is a typical stop for us on the way home from the cities.
It’s a little park in Appleton, MN.
We can take a little walk along a creek there.

We got home in time to pick up our Lizzie.
She had stayed with Great Grandma for four weeks.
They got along famously!

I was also tired of eating restaurant food.
Our first home cooked meal was Grilled Salmon,
Corn on the Cob, and a Green Salad.

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Take care,

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