Thursday, August 26, 2021

This Papa and Gigi had some Very Special House Guests ~Here’s my Report

We enjoyed our time with these little guys in June.
Knowing that they had a trip planned to the Midwest
later in the summer, made it a little easier to say goodbye.

Papa and Gigi have spent weeks planning and prepping
for our family’s visit. Finally, the week had come.

These two were the first to arrive.
Our youngest daughter and her husband have been traveling
through several states, staying with family.
They spent two weeks with his folks and will be with us
for the same amount of time. We visited Grandma at our first opportunity
and had a tour of her back yard, checking out the creek…

…and to see how her garden grows.
Raccoons had come the night before and
helped themselves to her corn.

Our oldest daughter, husband and their sons
joined us the following day.
It was wonderful to have our entire family together.
You maybe notice someone is missing from this photo?
I’m not talking about me, the photographer…

The baby needs to have dinner early
so he can go to bed at a decent time.
You all know that a well-rested baby is a happy baby!

He’s especially happy when he plays
with his aunt and uncle!

Stop back again to see more photos of our family fun.

Take care,

Friday, August 6, 2021

Our Personal Burger Tour Across America ~Here’s My Report ~There’s No Place Like Home

If you were following us on our trip out to the East Coast,
you’ll remember that we enjoyed a late lunch,
sharing a Burger, Fries, and a Salad.

It all started the June day we left, in Courtland, MN.
We decided to share the Patty Melt, Hubby wanted
Fries for his side, but I really wanted the Side Salad,
so we ordered both…and shared both.

Then, day after day, we enjoyed the same theme for our lunch break,
discovering some very creative Burger Toppings.
While Hubby was driving, I could search on my phone
for potential places to stop for a break.
Our first afternoon was the only time we questioned Siri’s judgement.
Listed as one of the top five places to get a Burger
in Binghamton, NY, was the Belmar.

We did hesitate for a bit before going in.
However, we found the server and the other two patrons to be friendly.
Plus, the Burger and Fries were tasty,
just like we have found in other neighborhood Taverns.
Sometimes those old seasoned grills lend the best flavor.

Here’s my side salad with luscious ripe tomatoes.

Day Two on the Road found us in Cleveland, Ohio,
enjoying our lunch at the Winking Lizard Tavern.

That morning, we spent several hours at the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Since we had paid to park, we chose to walk
to a Burger Spot a few blocks away.

This time Hubby ordered his Burger with Onion Rings,
highly recommended by our server.

My side salad came embellished with all the toppings.

The Winking Lizard prepares and bottles their own BBQ Sauce,
and you all know how we like souvenirs that are consumable.

Day Three on the Road brought us to Rockford, Illinois.
Google recommended Oscars. It was in a Strip Mall,
but inside was pretty fun, tornado warning and all.
Yes, it was pouring rain when we left.

Not exactly a Burger, but a French Dip was pretty close.

And again, I satisfied my need for greens.
My tip is to always order the dressing on the side…
otherwise it is saturated with way too much.

Day Four, Owatonna, Minnesota.
We usually tried to eat in places that we don’t have at home,
but sometimes you just have to rely on what’s familiar.

This is why we share. When you order a Burger,
it’s often a half pound of Ground Beef. So we cut it in half,
and then I cut my half in half…plenty for me.

This is the Buffalo Wild Wings Side Salad.

Day Five on the Road, the last leg of our journey.
This is Duffys in Montevideo, Minnesota.
We have stopped here many, many times
on our trips into the Twin Cities.

Here’s Hubby’s Mushroom and Swiss Burger
with a side of Tots.

And here’s my good lookin’ Side Salad.
It was starting to feel more and more like home.

A few hours later we pulled into our driveway.

And a few days later, we concluded our Burger Tour like this.
A Burger prepared on Hubby’s grill, medium rare.
This spring we had purchased a Qtr of Beef from
friends who have a ranch and raise their own.
So you know, the meat is superior quality.

We topped our culinary creation with
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Turkey Bacon,
and that special Onion Jam that we purchased in Galena.
All on a toasted Sesame Seed Bun.

We both hope you enjoyed following along
on our Burger Tour Across America.
We certainly had fun with it!

Take care,

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