Thursday, January 13, 2022

Birthday Wishes Across the Miles

Sending lots of Love and Hugs to this Special Boy
on his First Birthday.

Best Wishes for a Fun Family Celebration.

Take care,
~Papa and Gigi

Monday, January 10, 2022

Weekend Highlight ~A National Championship for the Bison ~My Homegating Report

“Homegating” is the new tailgating…
celebrating the Football Season, at home, during the Pandemic.

Get Up…It’s Game Day!
Starting with a cup of strong coffee in my favorite mug.

Hubby braved the ice, snow, and wind
to display our flag out on the patio.

Our Homegating Menu included this sandwich.
It was a favorite when our daughters were young.
A loaf of French Bread, with slices of Ham, Turkey,
Swiss, Provolone, and American Cheese.
It’s wrapped in foil and heated in the oven
until the Cheese is nice and melty.

Loaded Tator Tots…it’s against the Rules
to count calories when Tailgating or Homegating.
(I hope you notice that it is Green and Gold)

It’s Game Time, and we’re all ready.
Yes, I do have a green and gold apron.

And yes, Lizzie has a gold chair with a green pillow.

It was a great game.
The Bison came out on top.

As Hubby does, every year that the Bison win the National Championship…
he gets that flag off the patio and waves it at the end of our driveway.

Meanwhile the Players and the Gold Star Marching Band
are celebrating in the Stadium.

This photo was in my Facebook Memories, from 2012.
Emily lived in Fargo and we drove up for the Weekend
to watch the Championship Game with her.
Hubby dropped me off at her apartment,
then drove over to Buffalo Wild Wings
and snagged that last table there.
We joined him shortly after.
We had so much fun, complete with Green Beer,
Appetizers, and lots of High Fives from everyone in the place.

Savor the sweet memories you have with family and friends.

Take care,

Thursday, January 6, 2022

What’cha Workin’ On? ~Looking for the BlogWorthy in our Everyday Routine ~Our Weather ~What Keeps us Busy

This Papa and Gigi been home for a week now.
All of you know that after a Holiday Trip,
there’s always a bit of  a let-down.

The weather has certainly given us plenty to talk about.

I am happy to be retired
and can stay inside with the cat.

I have been busy resuming my
everyday routine around the house.
It’s amazing that despite the fact
that no one was here,
I still needed to dust and vacuum.

There were also some necessary errands for
which I needed to go out and about,
starting with my Prolia injection.

A New Years Day highlight was Brunch prepared by Hubby.
Golden Hash Browns, Crisp Bacon, an Over Easy Egg on Dry Toast

I also learned that Hubby doesn’t really enjoy working on a puzzle.
I was a bit surprised, as his mother, and sister,
and both of our daughters take out a puzzle
during the holidays every year.

I guess that genetic trait maybe skips a generation?

Would you believe all of this came out of our coat closet?

Painting the Closets is
on Hubby’s Retirement Honey-Do List.
So I emptied this one out one evening.

While I was getting some dental work done,

Hubby was organizing what he needed to paint.
Not sure which one of us was having the least amount of fun?

Hubby has commented on how much more room
we have in the coat closet now.
Well, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he
weeded out all of these jackets that he doesn’t wear anymore.

By the way, I am looking to re-home all of these…
So if you are in need of a jacket, please send me a message.

Back to the topic of the weather.
This is Today…
We’re expecting more of the same tomorrow.

Lizzie has the right idea. It is best to watch what’s going on
out in the world from the comfort of my Sewing Studio.

Stay Safe, Stay Well, and Stay Warm!

Take care,

Monday, January 3, 2022

Monday Memory ~Celebrating Christmas with Family ~Weekend Day Trip ~Yankee Candle Village

This Papa and Gigi thoroughly enjoyed our trip east
to spend time with our family for the Holidays.
We spent time with both daughters, their husbands,
and our grandsons.

The weekend before Christmas,
Mama planned a day trip to the Yankee Candle Village.
It was only a 30 minute drive from their home.

If you are ever visiting in the Springfield, MA area,
I highly recommend spending the day at this site.

There is so much to see,
a maze of beautifully decorated rooms.

The Vintage Red Pickup is everyone’s favorite,
especially when it is filled with Teddy Bears.

There’s a station for children (and the young at heart)
to dip their own holiday candle.

Henry thinks, maybe next year I’ll be old enough to do that, too?

With close supervision, Jack dipped his candle in the hot wax,
and then in the cold water.

It was soon dry enough to wrap in plastic to take home.

So many charming trees and lights.

Papa and Daddy were pleased to find a Family Friendly Brewery
on site. It was time for some lunch.

Mama had packed a little finger food
to satisfy the boys until our order was ready.

Plenty of tasty menu items there included
pizza, wraps, soups, and salads.

After lunch, Jack and I went outside to sit in the oversized rocking chairs
to watch the oversized snowflakes that were falling from the sky.

Please enjoy these photos from the Yankee Candle Village Website.
When one comes in the main entrance, there is a General Store.
You can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Of course, around every corner there are plenty of
Yankee Candles, in every scent that you can imagine.

Rooms and Rooms of Yankee Candles.

I found my favorite in here…
The Cafe Al Fresco.

Another favorite display, The Candy Bar…
Jars and Jars of Vintage Candy.
Santa purchased some to put in my stocking!

It was a delightful way to spend our day.
Ya’ll come back now! Ya Hear?

Take care,

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Family Christmas ~Saying Goodbye ~How We Got Home ~New Years Eve ~How We Celebrated

I just loved early mornings with the family.
I’d come downstairs early. Our son-in-law was making coffee.
I’d unload the dishwasher before Mama came down with the baby.
This was one of our last mornings there.

So…you all have seen the news about Holiday Travel.
We were planning to come home on Tuesday,
but our flight was delayed… three times.
We would no longer make our connection in Mpls,
so we had the option to re-book our flight.

The following day, three more delays, with no option to re-book.
So off to the airport we went. TSA went smoothly, despite the long lines.
We had a little time to relax before heading to our gate.

After waiting for the flight crew,
we were finally on our way.

It was a long day, with a couple more delays.
Our friends picked us up in the frigid cold…
we walked in our house at 9:30 pm.

After being gone for three weeks, there was no food in our house.
Hubby and I went to the supermarket early the next morning,
just to get bread to make toast…along with several other items.
These Christmas Bouquets were on sale, so of course
we had to get one to bring some cheer into our kitchen.

Our Friday Night Friends.
We have been going out every Friday for several years.
And during the Pandemic we enjoyed a Zoom Happy Hour.
It was a blessing that we were able
to gather for New Years Eve Dinner, in person.

Everyone brought a dish to share and we enjoyed a tasty meal.
After dinner, our hostess invited us to Sit Soft…
So we all cozied up on their sectional to watch the Ball Drop.

Christmas and New Years are now a Memory.
I hope you were able to spend time with family and friends.

Blessings for Good Health,
Prosperity, and Happiness in the New Year. 

Take care,
New Years Eve Photo Credits to our Hostess
Pooh and Piglet Photo Credits to Google

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