Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas 2022 ~Here’s my Report ~Christmas Eve ~Christmas Eve Eve

It was a quiet Christmas Eve, just the two of us.
We planned a simple celebration, attending worship,
then preparing a meal at home.

We treasure the photos and phone calls from our family,
and the cards and letters from our friends.

Our holiday celebration…how it started.
We were invited to a dinner party on Christmas Eve Eve.

Our good friends had a change of plans due to the
Intense Winter Storm that halted all travel in our entire area.
While we could not take the place of their children
and grandchildren, we had a festive evening.

Wendy always sets a beautiful tablescape. This time
she used her Christmas Dishes.

They have a lovely home and we always enjoy their company.

She took me on a guided tour of her Christmas Decor…
So many precious pieces with sentimental value.
Wendy painted these little Winter Birdhouses years ago.

Old Saint Nick watches over the Dining Room.

These caught my attention.
Wendy created these for her grandchildren.
The sugar cones are filled with Christmas Candy.
Then decorated with frosting and sprinkles.

Fa La La La La Lasagna was the Star of our Menu,
Along with Roasted Vegetables and Garlic Bread.

At Christmastime there is always a sweet ending to a meal.

Christmas Eve Worship Service at Zion Lutheran.
We attended in the afternoon.

This is the photo that the Pastor took
during the Candle lighting.

When we got home, Hubby and I teamed up to
prepare our Christmas dinner.
He spatchcocked the Cornish Game Hens while
I prepared the Mushroom Wild Rice Pilaf and Salad.

I love the lights on the Christmas Tree,
Especially when they are the only lights on in the Room.

Take care,

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