Monday, October 2, 2023

Our Autumn Adventure ~You had us at “Beach House” ~Time Spent with Family is Priceless

It was just four weeks ago when our daughter called to ask
if we’d consider traveling to the East Coast to help with child care.
She said we could get an AirBnB near the beach.

While I’m usually one to overthink decisions,
this one was not difficult for us Retired Empty Nesters.
We started making plans right away.

Our home away from home is in a great location.
It is an easy walk to reach the boardwalk that leads 
us down to the sand and water.

We’ve been taking that little walk twice a day…
mid-morning and in the late afternoon.

Because this little girl loves the beach best of all.

When the tide is low, we search for shells,
pretty rocks, and other beach treasures.

We see birds and big dogs romping with their humans.

It is fun to go near the water and when the waves roll in,
we jump back from the bubbles.

Family Fun for Everyone!

Each time we go, we bring a rock back to the house
and set it on the patio table.

Maybe the very best rocks will fit in our suitcase to go
home and be a part of Papa’s rock garden. 

Making Memories to last a Lifetime.

Take care,

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