Friday, February 23, 2024

Etsy ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~Sales, Customer Feedback, and New Creations

Sunshine on my Shoulders makes me Smile.
Maybe the Groundhog was right? We are having an early spring?

An Etsy Sale makes me smile…
Actually, did you know that when someone purchases a
handmade item from an artist, she does a little Happy Dance?

On Wednesday, one of our Wooden Hearts 
was on its way to California.

More smiles when I get positive feedback from a customer
and they include a photo of my handmade creation in their home.

Yesterday, I sent a bundle of carrots to New York.
This is another collaboration between Hubby in his Woodshop,
and me in my Studio.

Here’s a feedback photo from a recent Happy Customer.

With my Sewing Counter clean and organized,

And the Serger de-tangled and re-threaded,

I’ve been inspired to finish a few projects.

The warmer, spring-like weather helps maintain more
comfortable temperatures out in the woodshop, too.
Hubby has added to his growing forest.

Another reason to smile.

Take care,

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