Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Aquatic Center

Our community is lucky to have this beautiful facility. Last year was it's first year of operation. A very popular place for people of all ages.
Jake, can you find Emily? When I drive past, I'm not alway's sure which one she is because most of the lifeguards look the same...same swimsuit...brown ponytail...sunglasses...
Yesterday, Scott and I were inside the gate!! We both worked at the swim meet, which brought back some very warm memories. Our girls started swimming competatively when they were 11 and 7. These were some of our best years. Our family traveled together nearly every weekend. We were together in the car, at the motel, at the swim meet, in the restaurants!! Some of our best friends are also swim team families.


Deb T. said...

I love it ! I want to come and play !!

Jody said...

Really enjoyed your blog! Have added your link to mine......thanks for visiting!