Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wind on the South Dakota Prairie

First, I must say that no one was hurt and there were no major damages here...and my heart goes out to families that have lost their homes in storms.

What we have here is a result of major wind with a thunderstorm in the night. We were up for a couple of hours...just trying to secure what we could!! These pictures show the view from the deck doors when I got up this morning.

Then I looked out the front door, where the driveway is also covered in branches. I went to get my husband because there are huge branches in the street. Halfway down the block, a bobcat is clearing a tree that has fallen across the street, blocking potential traffic.

Then we walked around to the backside of the house! This tree has always been a messy tree... Drops branches just with a strong breeze...

Scott has wanted to get rid of this tree many a times, but it is soooo beautiful and provides beautiful shade. It lost many precious limbs in the wind last night!

I'm sure there are similar pictures from all over our community.


Mary said...

Oh my gosh what a mess....glad to see you and your family are ok. Summer storms....they are fierce!

Anonymous said...

Yikes Tins...glad you and your family are ok - that looks so dramatic.
Enjoying your blog :)


Blimey, I thought Scottish weather was bad!! Well done surviving that :0)