Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Daughter's Home

Scott and I enjoyed our stay with our oldest daughter.
She has a darling apartment that is decorated in a way that reflects her personality! This is her main living area. She has a conversation height table to the left, a desk to the right, and seating area under the bay window. It is very cozy!

Her kitchen is open for viewing from the living area. But not to worry, it is always neat and tidy!

I'm not so sure that her kitty was happy to have us stay...Bella hissed at me when I tried to pet her! Otherwise, she is a very sweet kitty and is a great companion for Amy.


MudRailFence said...

Thanks, so much for droppin' by my place! You have a neato blog here, too! Looks like your daughter is pretty happy, in her cozy lil' place. I love it! (bigger than mine..hehe). Oh..yeah..and I am diggin' the pic of your grandmother, and sisters.

We do have a WINNER..over at my place, so come on by!


Kylie B said...

Oh what a sweet little home, I wish mine was that tidy, though it was before kids lol