Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Family Matriarchs

My mom is 88 years old. She lives in her own apartment and keeps busy with activities at the Senior Center, Eastern Star, Ladies Aid, Community Concerts, and Senior Citizens Club. My Mother in Law is 79 years old. She also lives in her own home, sells Avon, and stays busy with her church committees, Senior activities, concerts, plays, and card club. They are both amazing women. We were lucky to have them together this Thanksgiving holiday.


jozie said...

Wow, some active ladies. lol I hope I'm that active at their age.

I saw that you had visited my blog, so I had to come visit you. I live in Sauk Rapids, MN. It's in central MN, St. Cloud area. My fiance and I drove across SD on our way from Vegas. I90 (I think) is a long boring road after you get out of the Custer and national parks area. Although Wall Drug was interesting. lol

jodi said...

Keeping active is the key isn't it. You are lucky to have such active older women in your life.

Renna said...

I hope I look half as good as they do at that age, and am that active. Wow!