Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Set the Record Straight

In regards to yesterday's blotpost...
#1 First of all, our oldest daughter is one of the cleanest, neatest, most tidy people I know. I did not need to clean her room for our exchange student...I just needed to clear it out. And to do that...I needed to clear out and organize our attic and garage in order to store the items from her closet, dresser drawers, shelves and desk to prepare room for our new daughter.

#2 Emily's Barney shirt...I thought it was adorable then...and I think it is adorable now. We need our four year olds to go back to watching Barney and Big Bird on TV instead of what they watch now. Maybe we wouldn't see some of the attitude that we experience in the High School classrooms that we do today.
(I'm sorry, we had a bad day at school today. We have been instructed to not speak to the media, so I will not give out any more information)


Quilt Hollow said...

OMG...Barney! Back in the day we had all the Barney tapes and I could still recite some of the songs to this day! He was a staple on our tv. Then came my next born son and it was Blue's Clues. Wonder what the grandkids will be watching? teen is watching SpongeBob!

Busy Bee Suz said...

My girls adored Barney and Sesame street too. Sometimes we hit one of those shows as we channel surf and it takes us all back to the "little kid" days!!!
I hope all is well...take care, Suz

Nancy said...

I agree with the Barney and Sesame Street opinion. Those shows were great! I loved watching Sesame Street especially. I might have enjoyed it more than my kids!

I'm sorry yesterday was a bad day; I hope things are ok or will be soon.

Take care,

M said...

TRUE! Parents want those 4 and 5 year olds to r.e.a.d. and sit them down and drilldrilldrill! Then they let them watch TV and PG13 and even R movies...and the kids don't get to play in the dirt and have kindergarten like it should be. AND then they all wonder why the heck the 18 year olds are acting like 5 year olds...CUZ THEY NEVER GOT TO P.L.A.Y!