Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things in my House Thursday ~ The Little Things that Make Me Smile

You all know that my Kitchen is my favorite room in our house?
So...besides the ones you've already seen...
Here's my
Ceramic Chicken.
My friend, Kari, and I both bought them at Hobby Lobby
when we were in Rapid City for State AA's.
My Banana Tree...
with Bananas, the perfect ripeness.
My Recipe Keeper.
A Fresh Lemon.
My Handmade Ceramic Basket,
filled with Onions and Garlic.
My nested Mixing Bowls,
a Special gift from Emily.
Then, in the Window Sill...
My Hand-Crafted Kitty.
Years ago, my friend, Lorie and I made them together.
An antique Shaker...
And my Arcosanti Bell.
I was there in 1977...
Just 21 years old!
In my Coffee Station,
My Coffee Canister...
and a Favorite Mug,
a Special gift from Amy.
My pencil Crock,
Salvaged from items in our Barn.
My Sweet Cookbook Stand holds a gift from
my good friend, Kari...
Dining Dakota Style.
Fabulous Recipes!
What's in your Kitchen that makes you smile?


Joanie M said...

I don't have too much in the way of knick knacks in my kitchen. What I do have, however, is a goose cookie jar that I gave to my mother for Mother's Day a good 25 years ago... maybe longer. Mom always kept Stella Doro cookies in it for when the grandkids came to visit. After she died in 1999, I was helping my sister clean out her room at the nursing home/convent (long story) and I saw the cookie jar that they had brought from home. So I took possession of it and brought it home with me. When my daughter saw us walk in with it, she burst into tears! Some of the paint has worn off and it's not the prettiest cookie jar you've ever seen, but it holds lots of great memories of "Mama Gigi" and her kitchen. So now it sits proudly on my kitchen counter, and yes, there are Stella Doro cookies in it.

Joanie M said...
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Angie Berry said...

I work at Hobby Lobby and have for many, many years. I just don't remember seeing that ceramic chicken. But then, we get thousands of items in weekly, so I'm sure it could have slipped by me. Haha!

I seem to be in the kitchen more than any room in my home. I also like to surround myself with things that make me happy. My garden window over my sink holds my jar collection. I have different colors of jars and on sunny days when the sun is shining in, it is just beautiful! It makes me smile.

Angie Berry said...
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