Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Weekend Support Crew

We have gathered mom's necessary items...
We have gathered her most precious items...

My support crew arrived on Friday night.
I could not have moved mom without them.
Well, I'm taking it all back!
It has been a lifesaver a couple of times this year.
And Emily met us here too.
She is much stronger than I and could help her dad with all the heavy furniture.
She also tackled her Grammy's kitchen cabinets.

Hubby brought his mom to visit my mom.
They have been good friends for 30 years.
We have spent many holidays,
and celebrated many family events all together.
They spent the day sorting through mom's desk and nightstand.
Here we catch them taking a little break...
looking at photo albums of our wedding day,
and of the precious granddaughters that they share.

Emily had made a Million Dollar Pie for me,
so we could celebrate my birthday together.
After the daily rainstorm,
Hubby and his mom were on their way home.

I have the best support crew...ever...

Take care,


Nancy said...

It's so nice having such a great support system! I hope you had a very special birthday.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I knew you would get some much needed help from your wonderful family.
How is Mom doing Natalie? Is she ok with the move??
Glad you had a nice birthday.
We love having a pickup truck, they are so handy!

Lori said...

sorting and packing up memories and precious things--that's hard! Hope all is going well.

Cathryn said...

You have a great family who can come and help out on this monumental task. That's a blessing every one should have. Packing up memories and favorite things are hard. I had to do it as a child but it never got easier as an adult.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

So glad your family could come and help with the move. What a blessing you all are :)