Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things in my House that Make me Smile

Yesterday, I came across the little hankie I carried on our wedding day.
It was toward the bottom...toward the back...
of a drawer in my dresser in our bedroom.
Such sweet flowers.
Such sweet scallops.
And you all know the tradition...
Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue.
This was my grandmother's hankie.
It is a soft powder blue.
It brings a smile to my face.

Take care,


Christine said...

How beautiful and what special memories! Thanks for sharing

Busy Bee Suz said...

So sweet...what a beautiful hankie!!!

Laura Trevey said...

So sweet...
Have a beautiful weekend ~~

xoxo Laura

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

What a beautiful hankie, one with such wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing :0)

jdavissquared said...

love it. I have a hankie from my grandma {somewhere} and I desperately wanted to carry it on my wedding day, but I could not find it anywhere! I know it's tucked in somewhere, but I still to this day have never found it. :( Maybe I'll locate it before my future daughter gets married....hopefully!

dee begg said...


Thanks for sharing your sweet memory with us. Maybe you could pass it down to one of your girls on their wedding day.


Kathy said...

That's awesome!

Pam said...

That's beautiful! I carried a pale blue hanky at my wedding too.

marie said...

That's a beautiful hankie and what a lovely memory to go with it! No wonder it makes you smile.

Jenny in Maine said...

just beautiful!!! wish I had of had a special memory like this!

M said...

Very cool hankie!
My husband's grandmother made the one I carried when we got married...she made the lace on the edges...I think it is called tatting. Before she passed away at 94 she made two that I put away for my daughter's future weddings :)

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