Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stitching and Stewing on Sunday

I was in the mood for sewing today...
...and I had found some luxurious prints to make Infinity Scarves.
They can be worn twice or three times around your neck..
for fashion and for comfort.
I also found some additional colors of this warm cotton weave...
...This one is a striking sky blue.
And this one is a medium brown... reminds me of a latte.
I will be listing these in my Etsy shop,
or you can contact me here on my blog or by email if you would like to purchase one directly from me.

Sunday Night Comfort  Food
There is nothing better than the aroma of a Pot Roast in the Oven
on a cold and snowy winter afternoon.

It has been snowing all afternoon.
The roast went in around 3 o'clock...
My favorite is the Bread and Butter Roast.
How about You?
I like to add onions with the roast in my Dutch Oven...
...salt and pepper is my preferred seasoning.

Add potatoes and carrots for a complete meal.
...Sooo delicious!

I'm heading out to the kitchen to toss the salad and set the table.
Have a nice evening.

Take care,


Pam said...

I have some fabric that would be great for these! Is there a pattern?

Kit said...

Your scarves and meal look wonderful. We had a very cold day here and I whipped up a big pot of bean soup. Yummy! Kit

Tolentreasures said...

Those scarves look so fun. I agree with Pam, is there a pattern for them? The roast looks yummy, such comfort food!


Angie Berry said...

Such pretty scarves Natalie! They are so fashionable yet look so comfortable.

Roast is definitely a good comfort food to have on a snowy afternoon. We just started getting snow this afternoon.

Be safe and stay warm~

Cathryn said...

Beautiful and creative scarves and reminds me of the ones I have crochet patterns for!

We both do pretty much the same thing for pot roast--except I add a cup of coffee to mine to make it fall-apart tender!

Willoughby said...

The scarves are gorgeous! I especially like the blue cotton weave. It looks so soft and warm.

I love making pot roast but I've never heard of a bread and butter roast. My favorite way to cook almost any roast is in the crockpot. It's nice to start it in the morning and not worry about dinner for the rest of the day. By the time we eat, I almost feel like someone else cooked dinner!

chellebelle said...

I love those scarves they look wonderful.. There are a great deal of knitted patterns for these as well. For me Pot roast in the crock pot.. all day long is the way to come home to a great cooked meal.. the whole house smells like a grandma's kitchen.

Michelle said...

Love the scarves! Sorry your nest is empty again! :(

Busy Bee Suz said...

The scarves are gorgeous!!!
I have never even heard of this type of roast.....sounds yummy though.