Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Mania ~ Little Birdies fly our Nest...again...

(image found on google. credit goes to DaPino Colada)

The Empty Nest...
it brings a confusion of emotions that maybe only other mothers can relate to?

Happy that they are independent enough to move away and not get homesick...
but, Sad that their growing up years went so fast.

Excited for their new life experiences, new career opportunities...
yet, Missing the excitement and activity that goes with having young people around.

Proud of their accomplishments and successes....
and, Lonesome for the sound of their voices in the house.

You all know that we loved having Amy live at home again.
She came mid-November to complete her PA surgical rotation here.
She and Bella were here for six weeks.

Emily finished all of her course work and moved home mid-December.
We have enjoyed her sweet company for the last three weeks.

Amy and Seth...on to their next rotation.
And today, Emily and Jake...on to their final semester.
Our nest is empty once again.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of you.

Take care,


dee begg said...


Don't fret too much. They may be back again before too long!


Busy Bee Suz said...

It pains my heart to think of them 'coming and going'...well mostly the going part hurts.
I don't know how you do it. But I do know they must LOVE coming back home to wonderful parents.

TheRustyThimble said...

Oh Natalie I do know that ACHE my heart sometimes just breaks I miss mine so much. And it has been years. And mine are so far away I do not often see them at all. BIG HUGS

M said...

One down and one to go this weekend....but the grocery bill will go w-a-y down!

Happy Monday!

Angie Berry said...

Aw Natalie, that makes me very sad. I'm glad I'm not there yet. I still have a 15, almost 12, and 5 year olds at home and I enjoy every minute they are here (okay, well maybe not every single minute, but I do my best, haha). But how comforting to know that one of the reasons they are doing so well in life is because of all that you have taught them!

Firecracker Kid said...

But... they'll be back:) Hugs~Carol

Cathryn said...

I just had to let my son return to his "other home for a spell." He made it home safely and I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the time he managed to spend with us and that I didn't have to share him with his other family. Yeah--I'm greedy that way.

However, I totally relate to what you're takes awhile to get used to the silence.

Willoughby said...

Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way! It will be quite a while before both of our kids are on their own, but our oldest is a senior in high school and I can almost feel his time at home with us ticking away. It makes me sad to think about, even though I know it's the way things are supposed to be.