Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outdoor Living ~ and how long will it take?

Remember the sweet dishes I received for mother's day last year?
They are back on my table again...
a nice change from my Snowman Dishes.
Last fall (when they were on clearance)
I purchased the outdoor patio rugs.

We put them out on Tuesday...
Then yesterday, rain...all day...

This could be more work than I bargained for.
Our beautiful shade tree drops these...
So now we are vacuuming inside...and outside!

But back to my question...
How long will it take for the patio rugs to dry?

And how long will it take for the patio chair cushions to go on clearance sale??

Have a great Saturday.
Take care,


Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Nice springy pattern! So glad we can spend some enjoyable time outdoors now.
Have a great weekend,

susie said...

Your dishes & rug go together PERFECTLY...I LOVE them! & I agree, when will the cushions go on SALE...yummmmmy!!!!
Hugs Friend,

Tina Eudora said...

Good questions Natalie! All I want to know is will we ever have 2 days in a row without rain so I can mow the lawn? Hmmm, according to the weather man...naw.
Have a good weekend and good luck with the rugs!
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful spring decor. I agree about the rain, we finally have some sun and now it is in the 90 degree temps. Not much spring, going right into a hot summer.
I hope you are able to get the cushions to match everything. Prices these days are so ridiculous.
Enjoy your outdoor space, it looks nice.
Country at heart