Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Harvest ~ It's Turkey Day Here!

My Basic Foods students stepped up to the challenge this week.
With only one week left in the term, we celebrated Fall with our Turkey Dinner.
My senior students prepare the birds for roasting.
I like to use roasting bags, as it reduces the time in the oven,
and also keeps the turkeys, oh, so moist!
We made 54 pounds of turkey...
...and the aroma...
Well, I think you could smell them roasting all over the academic wing.
This is Mr. Murphy and Mr. Hansen,
Guest Carvers.
(Assistant principal, Football Coach and Social Studies Teachers)
We pause to talk a moment about continuing family traditions...
...and learning to make the foods that have been a part of your family for generations.
This is Officer Carlson,
Guest Carver.
(School Resource Officer)
We also talk about Gender Equity...
but carving the turkey is a man's job,
and a position of honor.
We prepared our desserts yesterday.
This is the Impossible Pumpkin Pie.
Our Apple Crisp recipe is here.
But the favorite dessert is a No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake...
...and the Chocolate Pudding dessert.
Would you like those recipes, too?
Their smiles make my efforts all worthwhile.

Take care,


Traci said...

Yummo.... is all I can say, may not be able to wait for Thanksgiving! I too use roasting bags and we stuff our birds with apples, gives the meat just a faint sweet taste. Oh, and thanks for making me hungry, LOL..

Autumn's Blessings,

Carol said...

Ahh Natalie, your students must love you and your class. I'm with Traci, I may have to put a bird in before Thanksgiving. Hubby loves pumpkin pies and I love making the apple crisp.

The Farmer's Attic said...

Wish our classes when I was in school was like yours. I learned how to make poached eggs - Yuck!!! I will never eat a poached egg because of that class which was 40 years ago.

The schools around here don't really find it necessary to have much by way of home economics. Sports takes a higher rank than even academics. Sad!!!

I bought the makings for apple pie and pumpkin pie yesterday as well as the ingredients for homemade vanilla ice cream! I almost fell over for what I had to pay just for a quart of heavy cream! Awful!

Oops - sorry I started ranting.

Your class looks like lots of fun. Makes me wish I was a kid in your class!


Ann said...

YUM! I have to say, I love the bottle of Mountain Dew sitting at the one table. My kind of kid! We had a cancellation yesterday - fog delay turned into a cancellation - really don't like missing school already - but I made cinnamon rolls. Thanks for the prompting. I did cheat, as always and use the bread maker. Matthew had his usual comment of "we should make these more often". I need to teach him to load the bread maker - he's almost 14 I really think he could do it! Have a great weekend. ~Ann

Joyce said...

This makes me so hungry for Thanksgiving dinner! I love that this is part of the curriculum where you are...not sure that can be said of many places these days.

M said...

Oh my! I remember this from last year...or the year before...that policeman carving the turkey :)

Vicky said...

Oh, Natalie, I can smell that through the internet! What lucky students and staff!!

Sugar Mountain Mercantile said...

What lucky students you have in your class,Natalie! It's obvious you give them your "all"..and look what skills they take with them..just wonderful! (I loved seeing the boys participating too..made me giggle!)

Linda said...

What a fun teacher you must be! And what a great class for your students.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Yum! Looks like they did a fantastic job!!