Saturday, February 18, 2012

Special Olympics Scarf Project 2012

As South Dakota's deadline nears,
our knitting club gathered to make finishing touches on our scarves.
There was some last minute knitting...
fingers were flying...

And, of course,
lots of picture taking!

Thanks to these lovely young women 
for donating their time and talent to this project.

And thanks to their moms, a retired teacher, and an school EA,
We have 14 scarves packaged up to send with Mrs. Schmitz.

The rest will go in the mail next week.

Take care,

p.s. The girls are already asking when the 2013 colors will be announced!


Kit said...

Oh what a wondeful project! I am so proud of all your girls. That is fantastic! Kit

Tolentreasures said...

That is a great project and so nice to get students involved. Great job, girls...and teacher!


Firecracker Kid said...

Wow. those scarves look great! The girls look giggly getting their pics taken. That's great for them to be involved in something like this.


M said...

Very cool!

The Barn Hollow said...

Knitting . . . something I have always wanted to learn to do. All those scarves look wonderful.
Warm Wishes,

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Wonderful! Girls you did a great job! Keep knitting! :-)