Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mania~Monday Memories~January 2012

It was Back to School here students...
I felt like today was two days long, however, it was a good "couple" of days!

Last year...I was not a very consistent blogger,
so, I have lots of stories untold!  I hope to get caught up with a review of 2012...Month by Month.
So here's to January!
We saw the new year in with our best friends... of course!

While hubby and I were in Fargo, with Emily, celebrating a Bison National Championship,
Amy was in San Francisco...falling in love with the man of her dreams! 

Meanwhile, back at Central High School,
My sweet Knitting Club was  creating scarves for Special Olympics Athletes...

My friend, and School Resource Officer,
was presenting to my Personal Development Class...

And my Fitness for Life class 
was enjoying the benefits of preparing and eating the incredible edible egg!

In January 2012,  
I endured the dreaded dentist appointment...

...and Hubby and enjoyed some Wings Hockey Fun.

At home I was stitching away...

But some of the most fun of all...
The Jazz Group...
good music...with good friends!

January 2012...It was a good month...

Take care,


Firecracker Kid said...

Wow, an excellent start to the new year. Carpe Diem!


Tina Eudora said...

Hey Natalie!
Like you I have been remiss with posting on blogger this past year and have promised myself to be more consistent in living my "blog" life! It sounds like you had as many things as I did pulling you in different directions. Well maybe this will be our year to set aside time for our blogs and keep up with our friends in here too!
Have a gret day Natalie and I enjoyed the trip down 2012's memory lane. Great idea!
Tina xo

Kit said...

Great stories! I love that your class was making scarves for Special Olympics. :) Kit