Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy First Day of Summer & Weekend Plans

photo courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts
The First Day of Summer!
Our forecast is for hot temperatures,
and we're in a Severe Thunderstorm Watch...

 What are your weekend plans?
This afternoon, we're heading to Tapz for a little 
Happy Hour Jazz.
The guys haven't played for a while, 
but I'll save that story for another time.

Hubby continues to work on painting the exterior of our home...

While, I continue to scour the interior.

Best wishes for a productive weekend!

Take care,

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Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Happy summer to you too Natalie! We will be working on our new deck this weekend and then the house needs painting inside and out and the walkways need refinishing and the gardens need weeding and ... never ending isn't it?! Deb

M said...

Happy Summer! Yesterday was my last day of teaching Club Ed so my summer has officially begun :)

Enjoy your cleaning and sun...or heat and thunderstorms...I do miss those thunderstorms living back here in CA we rarely get those.

Anonymous said...

My, I think they really rock! I really adore a person who loves playing music. They are truly gifted and inspiring. Music is a powerful tool that can easily change the mood and ambiance of any environment, don’t you think? Wow, can’t wait to see outcome of your newly painted and renovated house. Hope you’ll post photos next time!

from Jade @PhD in Psychology