Friday, August 9, 2013

The Highlight of our far...

In June, our family spent a weekend together, here at home.
We hadn't seen either of our daughters since last summer.

Amy's hubby, Nick had never been here,
so we wanted to make sure he saw all the hometown sights.

It was a very windy day out at Storybook Land...

...but not too windy to ride the train!

I enjoyed every minute of our weekend together.

And before we knew it...they were gone again.
Can't wait for their next visit!

Take care,


Pam said...

Looks like a fun time!

M said...

Once they are grown it seems too long between short visits.

Glad you had time with your family all together. And the first photo totally looks like your dress has lights :)

Heather Wise said...

Awwww, the last picture made me sad. That is how I feel when my sister leaves to go back to Oklahoma. Looks like you had fun! What beautiful pictures of you and your family!


Busy Bee Suz said...

How wonderful to have those hours together! Your girls are just as beautiful as ever; love the photo of the three of you!

Cozy said...

Visit with kids really are treasured times. I hope for you it won't be until next summer that they can come again.

Kit said...

So happy you had time with your girls. So precious when they are so far away. :) Kit

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, the girls are beautiful just like their mother :) It's good their mates get to see their old stomping grounds. I hope all is well with you Natalie.


Joyce said...

So glad you were able to have some family time with both girls home. I understand the challenge in making that happen, and know it was special. Hope it happens again soon!