Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday and A Danish Blessing

Yes, it's that time of the year, again.
I have is actually my 36th year teaching...
How can that be? I mean, I am only 40 years old, right??

A year ago, we welcomed Nellie into our home.
Only our good Lord knew that there were drastic changes
 in store for our family for the coming year.

So...he matched this delightful young lady with our family.

She immediately hit it off with our friends.

We managed to thoroughly embarass her at the Brown County Fair Rodeo...
but, isn't that what a teenager's parents are supposed to do?!

And we started our mission to take her to 
every eating place in town!

If you have ever considered hosting a foreign exchchange student,
contact your local coordinator.
Be sure to ask a lot of questions.

And give a young adult the opportunity to study in our schools, improve their language, and learn about American culture.  Plus you will grow to love this new addition to your family.

Take care,


M said...

What an awesome experience you had...and one you gave to Nellie!

I am only on year 29 of have me beat!

M said...

I clicked too soon! We do not have an exchange student but we have a volleyball coach for Stanford living with us for four months...we would have been empty nesters...but that's no fun!

Danice said...

What a wonderful real-life experience Natalie. You all really are blessed :)

Kit said...

This is great! You are certainly a special person and teacher to take this girl into your lives. :) Have a great school year! Kit