Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thank You, Family Norgaard

A week ago, we were enjoying quality time with Amy & Nick,
who are moving from Okinawa to England.
When you look at a map, it doesn't look like Minnesota is on the way,
but according to the military,
 a visit with family is definitly part of the plan when one is moving between assignments.

The weekend was a mini Norgaard family reunion, 
and they graciously took us in.

Nick's brother and his wife are expecting twins...
and I'm sorry I didn't get a decent picture of Lindsay because,
she looks absolutely..adorable!



Mother & Daughter.

We had some amazing food.

And not so amazing weather...

But, the end of each day,
we returned to our hotel.
We enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace in our lobby,
and reflected on the warmth and love of the Norgaard family.

Thank you.
Take care,

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