Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Hubby has a Green Thumb

It's my hubby that enjoys working in the yard and garden.
He selects beautiful plants and flowers...
and they thrive under his care.

I, however, can't keep plants alive.
I either over-water or under-water.
(And, I don't always recognize a weed, when I see one...
I know, surprising for a farm girl, right?)

These sweet flowers are on the deck.

This year, instead of planting directly in the flower bed, 
he sunk pots into the ground to see if plants do better.

He suspects that the very large tree beside our patio
robs the moisture and nutrients from the soil.
(Nellie, Mr. Frog is still doing well, thank you!)

The space under the deck is not necessarily attractive, 
so he hangs large ferns from hooks on the lower edge.
(one year, he planted them in that flower box, 
and bunnies ate them down to the stem.)

Meet Mr. Peacock, my personal favorite.

Last but not least, the Herb Garden

Our cherry tomato is growing like a "weed".
Thank you, honey, for working so hard in our yard and garden.

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Pam said...

Wow, it looks great!!! Thanks for linking up! And I love Mr. Peacock!

Kit said...

Looks wonderful! I love his ideas. And the colors he chooses. :) Kit