Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winterfest 2014 ~~Saturday's Report

Hubby and I were up and out early.
He finished the lights while I tweaked the displays.

Hubby also takes charge of the cash register 
and this year we have added a Square Reader...
He has it set up on his iPad.
Is that an oxymoron?
Square Reader and iPad
with an antique cash register??

We had a great day and and we want to thank all of our good friends 
that stopped in to say "Hello".

Another thing I love about Winterfest...
the other artists.
Across the aisle from us,

Isn't she just adorable.
She makes the softest minky fleece items for babies.
Plus, she said the sweetest thing to me last night,
I had been her FACS teacher...oh, about 10 years ago.
She said I helped her get started in sewing.
Amber, I'm so proud of you!

Our neighbor behind us has a booth filled with beautiful pottery.
He is Robert Kern and he comes to Winterfest from Wyoming.
And I'm pleased to say that his daughter, Jamie and his son-in-law, Jesse are friends.

On my quick run through the arena, I looked for my friend, Deb.
She has an Etsy Shop, My Stitches to Treasure. 
Doesn't she make just the cutest snowmen?!

And last, but not least, our good friend, Brum.
He is my hubby's golfing buddy and hunting buddy.
He does wood turning and makes fabulous bowls, knitting needles, 
coasters and wine bottle stoppers.

It is well worth the trip downtown.
We hope to see you all tomorrow.

Take care,

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Vicky Weaver said...

I didn't know you did shows, Natalie. Your set up was so nice! Love the pics you shared. Deb's Snowmen are always fantastic!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!