Sunday, December 7, 2014

So Much Pinterest...So Little Time ~Our Christmas Preparations

The anticipation of having our daughters 
and their guys here for the holidays
has prompted hubby and I to focus on our Christmas preparations.

Lucy and I cleared a place for our tree.

I'm going to need a different centerpiece on our dining room table, 
Since there will be six of us, our meals will be here at the table, instead of the counter.
I've started with this wooden tray and some greens.
I'll post photos when it's finished...

I've also been planning menus
and preparing the grocery lists.

Hubby and I selected a 
15 pound bird for Christmas Eve.

I've been adding some special touches to
every nook and corner.
This is one of hubby's bottle necklaces.

Stop back later to see how this centerpiece turns out.

Cozy wraps for the chilly winter evenings...

This Nisse came all the way from Line's family in Norway.
I keep him out year round, as he is the protector of our household,
according to Norwegian tradition.
But this season, his job is especially important.
He sits on our piano to watch our entrance and 
guard over our loved ones when they come home.

Take care,

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