Saturday, January 10, 2015

Get Up It's Game Day & Bison Pride Friday

For the fourth year in a row,
the NDSU Bison are in the National Championship Game.

Here's hubby at work on Bison Pride Friday!

In fact, it is such big news that it made our local news in South Dakota.

In South Dakota, it's always about the SDSU Jackrabbits
(as it should be)
but, the only time we hear about the Bison is 
when they are playing the Jackrabbits for the Dakota Marker.

This week, when I heard about the Bison on the 6 o'clock news,
I got so excited I had to take pictures of my TV!

School is the same story.
Most teachers and students are SDSU fans,
so when I find someone in Bison gear,
I can't let him/her get away!

And once in a while there are some special students 
that catch the Bison Fever.

It's a lot of fun to go to a game in the dome.

It's not easy to get tickets,
and in that case, hubby and I have our own "watch party" at home.

It is one hour till kick off...
Let's go Bison!

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