Friday, January 9, 2015

Things In My House Thursday ~Crazy Christmas Tree Lady ~I've Got Some Explaining To Do...

It was late summer when our oldest daughter said that she and her hubby might be able to come home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. She asked me when her sister and her fiance might be free?

I told her that they would have to coordinate that.
But, I promised that if they could all be here at the same time for the holidays,
I would put a Christmas Tree in every room of the house.

So, I hope that explains my craziness?!
But a mother always keeps her promises.
These pencil trees are in the foyer.

In the family room, there was the family tree...

And the country tree.

There are two pencil trees in the girls' bathroom.

You remember the Amy tree...

...and the Emily Tree.
So, that's it for downstairs.

You've seen the tree in the living room.

These two are on my cookbook book shelf...

And these two are by the hutch.

My last addition was in my bathroom.
We found this pretty little tree that fits on the vanity.

I like that it serves as a little nightlight for the bathroom.

So now, Christmas is a sweet memory.
Epiphany was celebrated this Tuesday.

It will be time to think about taking down the trees,
In the same way that they went up...One by One.

It has been way too cold to go up to the attic and get the storage tubs and boxes.
So, for now, the cats and I are still enjoying the soft warm glow of the lights.

Take care,


Karen Martinsen said...

Oh how fun!
I love what you did and I imagine the girls loved it. I imagine they loved the challenge too.
All very beautiful.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

A Mother does have to keep her promise indeed!
I love all the trees ~ I say you can never have to many!
Prim Blessings