Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday Mania ~It was Back to Reality for All

Christmas Vacation was nearly perfect this year...
if only it could have lasted forever?!
Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments about our holiday activities.

After a week at home our family was on their way,
back to their own homes, work, and school.

One daughter and her fiance left by air...

It appears our airport is in the middle of nowhere, doesn't it?
And... I guess you could say it is!

One daughter and her husband left by land
to spend a week with his family in the cities.

Then, it was back to school for me.
New classes, new students, new schedule,
and a few surprises.

One was an early release because of weather.
It was not a very nice day!
And the rest of the week doesn't look much better.

"You're home early?!"

A bonus 90 minutes at home that I was not expecting!

Stay safe and warm.
Take care,

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