Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Perfect Attendance Looks Like...and Have a Safe Commute to School and Work Today

Check out my Classroom.
This was taken last term, in early December.
With a roster of 35 students,
I was impressed whenever we had perfect attendance!

A friend and co-teacher sent this to me one morning.

You remember my classroom set up...
Two semi-circles of desks. 
It is great for class discussions,
however, does nothing to discourage 'side conversations'.
It also is quite tempting to try to cheat off your neighbor's paper,
so while taking a test, I watch them like a hawk!

The large open area in the center is the 'fish bowl'.
(Was that a classroom management term from college in the 70s?)
I (and occasionally students) present in this area.
All students are either in the 1st or 2nd row...
no one is sleeping way in the back!

And the walk-way between the two circles makes it easy to move around
 to answer questions and to check student progress.
(Yes, always turn your phone on silent at the beginning of class!)

So, it's not as cold this morning as we were expecting!
The forecast was for wind chills of 35 to 40 below.

But only -28...and being the hardy folks that we are here in the midwest,
We are heading to school...students will have a two hour late start.
Teachers report at the usual time.

Today will be the coldest day of the week with a -3 for a high.
And then, our next issue will be the wind...
remember we got over 3 inches of that fluffy white stuff 
on Monday that is sure to blow around.

Don't forget to have your winter survival kit in your vehicle.
Stay safe and warm!

Take care,

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Michelle said...

I thought it was cold here in Oklahoma!