Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Second Semester is Well Underway ~ and The Joys of Home Ownership

The excitement and joy of the holidays is now in the Memory Book.
It's getting a little more challenging to find the "blog worthy" in this everyday life.

Callie, my helper cat, thinks she is being helpful while I correct papers...
not so much.

I told you about our frigid weather recently.
This is the door to our department.
It appears to be frozen shut!

I'm in...

New classes, new students, new curriculum...
We were off to a slow start this semester, due to weather related releases and late starts.
Plus it is cold and flu season...Our students and staff experienced some influenza, strep throat and a stomach bug.  
Lots of empty desks that first week.

On the home front...
A week ago we awoke to a chilly house.
Hubby went down to check out the furnace.
(Remember the movie, A Christmas Story?
Ralphie's dad goes down to the basement to fix the furnace??
That's what it sounded like here that morning!)

Anyway, we had to call in a professional.
And the weekend labor rates?

Two days later we awoke to water dripping from the ceiling in the laundry room.
Seems the refrigerator hose had sprung a leak.
And not just a little leak...behind the fridge, it was spraying water like a fountain.

Hubby was able to fix this problem.
His labor rates are...well, priceless.

Here she is...back in place...restored to her glory.

I hope it's not true that bad things happen in three.
We can't afford another appliance problem this month!

Stay safe and warm.
Take care,


Pam Greer said...

That's how my kitty cat used to help me grade papers too! I hope all your household troubles are over!

Kim Orcutt said...

So glad hubby was able to fix the fridge! Callie sure looks like she's enjoying herself.