Saturday, February 28, 2015

TGIF and Where the Week Went ~Love my Foreign Exchange Students ~~and it was Turkey Time again

We have this saying here in the midwest...
"if you don't like the weather, stick around for 5 minutes."

I am enjoying 3 foreign exchange students this term.
Cam is from France. We posed for this photo as we were matching one day.
He and I spend half of our school day together, as he is in my Foods class and in Independent Living.

This is Elmine, such a sweet girl from Norway.
Here she is telling us about her country and her culture.

And this is Lukas from Denmark.
I just love his sense of humor.

My foods class is first block this term.
And you all know about my turkey dinner.
I needed to have the bird in the oven very early...6:10 to be exact.

And you've all met our Assistant Principal and Resource Officer.
It is tradition for them to carve the turkeys.
You can see that we are ready to eat by shortly after 9 a.m.

We enjoy a brief presentation and then...we Dish Up!

Today's highlight...
My Independent Living class is all Juniors and Seniors.
We focus on preparing for life after high school.

My friend who is in graduate studies at Northern State University coordinated a panel to speak to my Independent Living students about their transition from high school to college.

It was a great way to end my school week.

And now the weekend begins...

Take care,

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