Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring and Planning a Wedding ~The Mother of the Bride ~~Important Stuff to Know ~~~Rule #2

Not only am I enjoying Spring Break, 
but today brings the First Day of Spring.

Since hubby and I will be hosting the wedding ceremony and celebration here in the bride's hometown,
the planning is never far from my thoughts.
I spotted this on one of my 7 a.m. trips to the grocery store for lab supplies.
So cute, right?

Once our bride finalizes her colors and chooses the bridesmaid dresses,
I will get serious about shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress.
And here's MOB Rule #2
Never wear White, Cream, or Ivory.
In fact, it is inappropriate for anyone to wear white.
Remember Rule #1
It's your daughter's moment to shine.

I didn't have google in 1980 when I designed 
and sewed my mother's dress for our wedding.
So her dress was a dusty rose floral on a cream background.

Here are some more rules for the mothers' dresses.

1. Comfort comes first~
It will be a busy day with lots of bending, reaching, and hopefully some dancing!
I would really like to be able to try some dresses on to see how they feel,
rather than order online.

2. Consider color to compliment your hair and skin tone~
Mothers should try to complement, not match the wedding's color scheme,
We don't want to look like a "bridesmaid wanna be".

3. Sleeves are age appropriate~
With sheer and lace options, sleeves don't have to look matronly.
Or a shrug or little jacket can give the moms some options 
when it's hot outside the the AC is chilly.

4. Include the bride in your decision~
Again, remember rule #1...the bride and groom run the show.
They may have some ideas as to color and length for their mothers.

5. Discuss Wedding Attire with the Mother of the Groom~
It's important to coordinate the length and style.
When the mothers are ushered in prior to the processional,
they will set the tone for the wedding.

That's a lot to think about.

It's a dreary gray day outside, this first day of spring.

So I hope you find a way to bring some spring inside.

Take care,


Kit said...

Such great tips! I love how you come back to that it is ultimately the bride and grooms show. So many families ignore them and take over and that is so sad. I just love all the photos from your wedding. :) Kit

Joyce said...

My daughter got married on January 3rd. It was absolutely perfect (although it sprinkled and I tripped just before we left the hotel, but still perfect. I wrote quite a few posts about the wedding planning and day. I think 9 or ten, all in my January/February sidebar if you're curious.

I loved my dress so much, as did my daughter which I agree matters a lot. Our planning was definitely complicated as hubs and I are in NJ, the bride was in D.C, the groom in Tacoma WA, and the wedding in SC. Talk about logistics! It all came together beautifully though. Here's a link to my recap of my little 'mishap' : ) Enjoy this time with your daughter...It is a lot of feels so feel them all!

curtis03 Lewis said...

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