Saturday, March 28, 2015

TGIF ~Where the Week Went ~~and Happy Anniversary to my Notion's Shop ~~~Recipe Link and Coupon Code here

As long as there is snow outside our window,
we are going to enjoy Pot Roast Sunday.

My favorite is a Beef Bread and Butter Roast..
seasoned with salt and pepper.

Hubby's favorite meal is Corned Beef Hash...
So I roasted a brisket this week also.

This came in our mail on Tuesday.
We are so excited to host this special week here in August!

Therefore, wedding thoughts are never far from my mind...
even when I 'm shopping for somthing else
at Hobby Lobby.

or in the early morning getting lab supplies at our supermarket.

Some of you know that I have a 2nd Etsy Shop to sell supplies.
I wanted to keep these listings separate from my 
handmade items in my Tins and Treasures Shop.

During my first years teaching,
 I worked a second job on nights and weekends at Northwest Fabrics.
Yes, it was a long time ago...1979 to 1985.
Much of my 'stash' is considered vintage! 

I also have my mother's vintage scarves,

her vintage jewelry,

and her vintage kitchen items listed.

I am offering a 20% discount on all purchases in my 
from now until the end of April.

Use coupon code
when you check out.

Stop back later for my "Saturday's Work" post.
We have a DIY Project going on here...
And it is turning into a very long story!

Take care,

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