Thursday, March 5, 2015

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~and What's Been Happening Here...

In the last week of the school term,
my foods class has their most challenging labs...
the "combination foods".

One of my favorites is Potato Soup.

Daughter Amy and I have Spring Fever and 
are looking at wreaths on Pinterest.

Should we buy a wreath for the front door?

Or is another trip to Hobby Lobby 
for DIY supplies in order?

Hubby worked on a DIY Project of his own.

He and his hunting buddy had made sausage.
These needed to bake for most of the day.

And now they are sealed and in the freezer.

In the classroom, President of Wells Fargo visited with my Juniors and Seniors about developing a relationship with your bank and how to build your credit score.

Also...protect yourselves.
Identity theft is a problem that everyone will face at some time during their life.

And these Employment Specialists from the Department of Labor spoke about how to be more employable...

and then once you get a job, how do you keep your job?

side note: there was a problem with the heating system in my room.
way too hot to feel productive.
Some students loved it,
some just felt sleepy.
The vent has been fixed and the climate has returned to normal.

With all the end of term food preparation at school,
Hubby treated me to a pizza delivery.

My preference is roasted red pepper and spinach...

And his...pepperoni and mushroom.

Jake, this photo is for you!

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone.

Take care,


Karen Martinsen said...

Morning Natalie - you are such a great teacher!
And I'm going to check out the potato soup recipe. It's a favorite of our around here.
Amazing the things that are taught in high school now.
We had something similar way back when but not the computer teachings - the hardest it got was knowing how to set up a bank account and write checks! lol
What a sweet husband! Pizza's look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

great post
very interesting..